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Does Chiropractic really work?

Studies show Chiropractic is the preferred method of treatment, but what provides the best “proof” on how well Chiropractic works is what the patients say about it…

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“I have been suffering from neuropathy for about two years. One day I discovered the CSSN ad and I was so thankful. I dealt with horrible burning and discomfort all over my feet. As soon as I began my treatments, the burning wasn’t nearly as bad. Getting well has given me such a positive outlook for the future. My family is extremely happy I found help. The atmosphere in CSSN is great, everyone is kind, helpful, and provides good service. I am thankful I have finally found someone that can help you.”

God Bless, AnnRetired, Pompano Beach

“Neck pain and headaches was what brought me into Coral Springs Spine and Nerve. Chiropractic care has helped me sleep better and has decreased the pain and headaches. I can now exercise a bit better and I am able participate in more activities with my kids! I have found myself being happier and looking forward to getting better every time I come in. The atmosphere in the office is wonderful… The staff is amazing and they always make me feel like family!! It’s amazing how much the Dr.’s care about each patient.”

Thank You, AlexandraTeacher Aide, Coral Springs

“Coral Springs Spine & Nerve has helped decrease my lower back pain substantially! I originally came in because I have Fibromyalgia, headaches and low back pain. I feel that the chiropractic care has helped me by improving my pain, muscle spasms, and improve the ringing in my ears. I’m even sleeping better.I have been to so many doctors that haven’t listened to me and I feel that Dr. Craig and Dr. Aliyah really listen and really care!”

ElizabethPhotographer Coral Springs, FL

“I had been suffering with low back pain for a VERY long time, so I decided to check out Coral Springs Spine & Nerve after a friend referred me. I tried every outlet for my pain and nothing had worked. I also had epidurals that failed and left me still in pain. Before coming to CSSN, I could not sit comfortably on the sofa, I could not walk for long periods of time and I could not pick up my kids without excruciating pain. Chiropractic Care has significantly decreased my pain and I can go about my daily routine normally. I am amazed how, in such a short amount of time, I have seen improvement!”

AnnBanker Coral Springs, FL

“Originally my stiff neck and lower back pain that was shooting down my leg brought me to Coral Springs Spine & Nerve. Within just a few treatments my neck was feeling fine. Ongoing treatment has helped my back also, and now I have full range of motion in my neck, which I did not have before treatment. One thing I have learned about lifetime wellness is that it is better to live without pain than to suffer through it. All of my symptoms have improved greatly. I don’t have a stiff neck anymore and the shooting pain down my leg is gone. I can enjoy activities with the family now. The doctors and staff are like family, and CSSN is warm and welcoming. Everyone strives to make me feel better. What has amazed me most about Chiropractic Care is that I have had chiropractic care in the past, but everyone here works together to help the patient.”

Thank You, MiriamCustomer Care, Coral Springs

“Before coming to CSSN, I had arm pain for 3 months. Chiropractic care has helped lessen my pain. Now I can sleep on my left side and my stomach, which I could not do before. I used to love playing golf, but the pain in my arm stopped me from playing. Now I can play golf again. The atmosphere at CSSN is friendly and professional. What has amazed me the most about chiropractic care is the number of people that need the care and the range of ages of the patients getting chiropractic care.”

God Bless, AnnRetired, Coral Springs

“When shoulder and arm pain started to affect my house work, I came into Coral Springs Spine & Nerve seeking relief. Chiropractic Care has taken my pain away and I am able to clean my house and not be cautious about doing daily activities anymore. I would describe CSSN as a kind and caring place.

The amazing part of Chiropractic Care is that… IT WORKS!”

MarciaHomemaker Margate, FL

“Before I started chiropractic care I had pain going down my leg and limited range of motion. Now I can wake up without severe pain, so I get my day moving faster! I have learned that although lifetime wellness is a process for me, the doctors at CSSN continue to reinforce and educate me. I can even play more tennis with my daughter. I am amazed at how chiropractic care has worked so fast!”

PatrickIT Manager Coral Springs, FL

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